October 17, 2004

OT - Politics - Prayer for the President

Having been a member of the Presidential Prayer Team for quite awhile and reading Power of a Praying Nation by Stormie Omartian, I recognize the importance of praying for our leaders. In addition, as many of you know the kids and I have been working through the Homeschoolers for Bush curriculum, you can see our progress throughout the site. We have been very active and have much more planned before the election however on top of our actions I feel a strong leading to pray for the president and for his reelection campaign.

I feel a responsibility put on me this election to take that prayer a step further and to encourage others to pray with me. I am organizing an around the clock prayer coverage for the president. Where he will be prayed for every hour of the day until after the election process is over. I have contacted family, friends, bloggers and others to join me in this effort. If you feel you can please contact me with the following - your first name, state and the hour of the day you would like to pray for the president. Depending on my response level I might break it down further than by the hour - but I will begin by asking for enough volunteers to cover every hour (yes this includes the middle of the night hours). If you are interested please contact me via email at tenniel@gmail.com. There are less than three weeks until election day, please consider joining us in this effort to bless the president and help re-elect him. Contact me today and join us in our effort to cover the president in prayer every hour between now and election day!


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