October 28, 2004

Custard, Frogs and Nuggles

Interesting combination? What better for my date with Ciaran. It was time for some much needed closeness and one on one time with Ciaran. Lately he has been having a hard time of it. A good friend of mine was wise enough to see this and offered to watch the girls and she brought her 6 year old daughter over this afternoon. So after they got all settled we headed out.

Ciaran chose to go to Culver's for some chocolate custard with strawberries, french fries, onion rings and root beer. Then we headed over to a local toy store where we browsed for nearly an hour - looking carefully at all the options. He of course chose frogs - he got a color match frog lily pad game and a plastic frog necklace that lights up when you open its mouth.

We chatted quite awhile and were able to talk about some things that have been bothering him recently. He was able to share that with me and we both were closer afterwards. We came home and played his frog game and gave big hugs and nuggles (our special word for snuggles). I love going on dates with the kids.



  1. We give nuggles, too! Oh, they're the best! Do y'all do "head nuggles"? I don't remember how they started, exactly- something to do w/ eskimo kisses, I'm sure- but you lean your heads together and when they touch you both nod side-to-side. Ok, in reading that, it sounds a little, well, weird. But the boys love them! (So do we. *grin*)

    Touching base and reconnecting is important for all of us. I'm glad you took that time today, and so very thankful that you have the kind of friends who know those things. :-) They are worth more than diamonds, aren't they?


  2. Once again, you inspire me with your date story. :-) I love dates with my children. I don't do this nearly as often as I should! My last date with one of mine all alone was over a month ago! I wrote about it here...http://todayslessons.blogspot.com/2004/08/monets-day-out.html.
    Keep up the good work!