October 27, 2004

Family Bed OverRun

I can not fit in my bed tonight! Atleast not without moving a child or two. While I am a strong supporter of the family bed I will admit from time to time it does bring around some strange moments. In the 5+ years we have been consecutively sharing our bed with atleast one child we have seen some interesting things.

Like right now Rhia and Ciaran are taking up so much room in my bed that I put Sirah to sleep in Ciaran's bed and I am currently on the couch - deciding whether I want to shuffle them all back to bed, try to push my way into find some room and all pile in together or go curl up with Sirah in Ciaran's bunk bed?

What interesting decisions we parents need to make from time to time. Yet I truly appreciate the closeness we experience as a family as a result of our parenting philosophy.



  1. ROFL! Yes, Zorak stretched out the other night and I heard a huge "thud"- seems the 6yo had curled up in a "nest" behind Daddy's knees and when Daddy stretched... he was inadvertently booted from the bed.

    I generally lift and scootch floppy bodies until I can find a warm spot to curl up in. And I am w/ you 100%- we really love the way we've done things, and the closeness we share because of it.


  2. Glad I'm not the only one who has had to abandon my bed as it was just too full of squirmy, sleepy bodies and go sleep in the bottom bunk in the kids' room! The higlight of our musical beds was when I was preg with the last baby and I abandoned my bed to sleep in the recliner on the porch and Jossy (oldest dd) missed me and came and slept on the rug next to me!