October 12, 2004

Israel Coop according to Rhiannon

We sat quiet. We read a book. We read Whoever You Are - it wasn't a very fun book to me. It was about kids all over the world. People put stickers in my passport. I wish I got to do it. We looked at one map and we had to color and I hate coloring. We colored oceans, mountains, and cactuses again. We learned that people are different, they ride donkeys, they speak different, they speak Hebrew. One of the moms when she was young, before she had her daughter she used to live there. One sea called the dead sea no plants or animals live there. There is so much salt that you can float there without floaties. We saw a picture of someone floating reading a book without any floaties. There is the red sea, the red sea has animals in it. The dead sea you can float all the way across. I want to go there, maybe we could have a field trip there since everyone wants to go. You know like Arthur how he took a plane on his field trip. Can we do that? I think it would be fun.

We played duck duck grey duck on chairs. You need to go under the chairs. We made a flag - I wanted to use the glue gun and I'm never able to use the glue gun. Why can't I? Their flag is white with blue stripes and a star in the middle. The star remind me of their king. Israel is in Asia. Israel is a very teeny tiny country. Asia is a big continent. Know how many airplanes we might take - 14 or so because Asia is all the way across the world on the other side of the globe.

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