October 14, 2004

Ciaran wants to write

Mom I've gotta say something now. It will be really kind if they don't have lamps that we should send them some. We should send them to people who don't have lamps. George W Bush does not have lamps so I want to send him some for Christmas. In the story they did not have lamps in the White House. In an Arthur story - so I want to write that down.

Thank you for all of our things. All of the things. Thank you for our feet. Thank you for everything you have. Thank you for ourr "puter" (computer) and thank you for frogs. Thank you for two toads and thank you for tree frogs.

Mommy I'm all done I had a few things. You can publish it.

1 comment:

  1. Ciaran,

    Thank you for sharing your sweet thoughts. You are right- lamps are good!

    I think you have a grateful, loving heart, and a lovely thankfulness list.

    Dy, Mom to James, John and Jacob