October 22, 2004

Tucking In

We are tucking in for the day. Kids have the flu I think. Ciaran woke up in the middle of the night with a 103 fever, headache and vomiting. Rhiannon followed a few hours later. I finally got to bed after 4am when I woke Serona up to take the morning shift. It was a very tiring and hard night for everyone.

Today is movie watching and reading books, they are not even feeling well enough to play board games. This fever is really knocking them out - they are so lethargic and don't want to move or do anything. After watching about 2 hours of TV Rhiannon and Ciaran both wanted it turned off and Rhia said "Remember mom too much TV is not good for our brains" We moved into the library to read some books where they both promptly fell asleep sitting up! It was so sad.

Well I don't expect we will be doing much over the next few days - though our reading list may increase! I think chapter books and favorite storybooks are in order though instead of our typical library fare.



  1. I hope your children are feeling better today. It is so hard on them when they are sick. Take care of yourself as well, Mom!


  2. {{hugs}} and prayers for a quick recovery. Enjoy that snuggle time!