October 18, 2004

Rhiannon's Words

George W Bush I think is the most wonderful president of all. I hope he stays president, I hope he gets reelected. I want him to be the best of all. I do like John Kerry but I like George W Bush more. I think if he stays president we will have a more safer, confident and more beautiful world as long as he stays president I think we will always have a happy and safe life. But mostly I think he is good and kind. I think he will be better than he was he before. I hope he will be as the first president was strong and reelected ever time. I hope we shall all be safe for the rest of our lives. Make us be strong and have a happy life. I hope he'll be president for 4 more years. I hope he will be reelected every time. George W Bush is the best president of all. I think he will be the best. I keep saying he is the most wonderful of all. With all he says I shall decide whether he shall be the best government and I shall pray for him. I wonder which one will win. I hope he'll make a safer country for all of us. I hope he has a good happy life forever, even when he is not president anymore.

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