October 8, 2004

Breakfast Lesson

Rhiannon at breakfast "Why do Rice Krispies pop when you put soy milk on them?

Mom: I'm not sure, I think it has to do with them expanding. Let's look it up.

Google: Returns results.
Mom: Reads from an answer submited by a scientist to Mad Science:
"When the rice crispies are made, superheated steam is used to expand them. When cooled to room temperature, the pressure inside the crispies is slightly higher than outside. The pressure is maintained by thin rigid walls of the pockets in the crispies. When the rice crispies come in contact with liquid such as milk, the cell walls rupture suddenly because the liquid soaks the walls and makes them weak. The popping sound is from the rupture of cell walls. -MVK"

Rhiannon: Oh that is interesting. Let's listen to them.

Ciaran: Mom, have the frogs come out of hibernation yet?

Mom: No if they are already hibernating they won't be out until spring.

Ciaran: Oh that is so long. I want them out now. How do they hibernate?

Mom: They dig holes in the bottom of ponds and go to sleep.

Rhiannon: Do they all hibernate?
Mom: No, some do and some do not.

And so on the conversation went over breakfast.


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