October 14, 2004

Presidential Debates and Homeschooling

One of the downsides of homeschooling is it is hard to argue with good reasoning. Last night believe it or not I had the kids all in bed by 8pm so I could watch the debate uninterrupted. Rhia did not show interest in watching this and as she watched the first two (getting a little restless the last half hour) and I really did not want to deal with issues like abortion and gay marriage with my 5 year old I decided to put them to bed. In order to do this we had early dinner, nice long baths and then I read 15 storybooks!

About 30 minutes into it Rhiannon comes downstairs and we have the following conversation:

Rhia: "Mom, I need to watch the debate."
Mom: No you need to go to bed.
Rhia: But mom it is the last debate, I need to hear some of it.
Mom: No you already hear the other two and saw the president speak.
Rhia: But this is the last time they debate. I will do a blog.
Mom: You were restless last time - it may not interest you.
Rhia: I will sit right here and be quiet and listen. Who is speaking now?
Mom: _exasperated sigh_ sure come lay down President Bush is talking - but you are not eating anything and are going right to bed afterwards!

Might I remind you she is 5 years old! There were a few times she started asking questions. Sometimes I answered them, sometimes I said we would come back to them and sometimes I told her they were things that she should not be concerned with until she was older. She kept asking who I thought was winning. She did not like that they were wearing the same tie and wanted to know where John Edwards and Dick Cheney were.

In case you are wondering she did sit still and listen to the entire last hour of the debate. She seemed to really be paying attention sometimes more than I would have liked. Though most of the tough questions I was expecting I did not get - I think most things thankfully went over her head. I did put my foot down and sent her to bed before the pundits started talking - though I let her watch their families come up to greet them.

How do you say no to that request and how is it that my 5 year old is using blogging as a bargaining chip?


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  1. LOL! Good luck when you hit the logic stage w/ that one! Oh, but it is absolutely wonderful, in so many ways. I'm glad you let her watch- and shared the conversation. We have many like that in our home, too. Sometimes I can't think of a good reason to counter good reasons. Sometimes it's a-ok to say, "Good point, come on in." :-)