October 5, 2004

C is for Campaign

I decided to extend C week for an additional week to focus on campaigning and the presidential election. We found out that President Bush will be coming to speak in the Twin Cities this weekend and we are going to dedicate this week of school to helping his election. We spent much of yesterday getting our home in order so we could spend the rest of the week working away from it.

This morning we headed over to Bush Cheney headquarters and volunteered there for two hours. The kids helped put together signs and cut information sheets. They helped bring papers where they needed to go and helped distribute lawn signs. We will also be doing some door knocking tonight.

Tomorrow and Thursday will be more of the same and we will also spend some time going door to door in our neighborhood with voter registration cards making sure people are registered to vote and with lawn signs they can put up to support the President.

This week of work will culminate with hearing President Bush speak at a campaign rally. I am so thankful that we have this opportunity and am putting all else aside for the week to focus on this very teachable moment - one of the true benefits of homeschooling.


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