October 21, 2004

Circle of Friends

I am blessed with wonderful friends. Serona has been travelling often over the past few weeks and it was really beginning to wear on me. Two of my friends came over today with their kids and spent the day at my house with my kids so I could go out and have some time ALONE. While I did not do anything extravegant: ran errands, browsed a bookstore and had a cup of coffee - it was very NICE to have some time alone.

My kids were completely comfortable and in excellent hands. To them these women are extended family. Sirah has gotten together with them once or twice a week since she was born and the kids and mothers all get along well. These are our camping buddies, our field trip buddies, our cooperative buddies and our friends. We are so blessed to be in each others lives. I am very thankful for them and the way we support one another as friends. I am blessed with several other wonderful women in my life. Say thank you to a good friend in yours today.


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