October 19, 2004

Dinosaurs, Ducks and Dragons

Tonight Ciaran and I read a bunch of books on some of our D themes. We read about dragons, dinosaurs and ducks. Of course there was a frog book or two thrown in there as well. We were originally just going to talk about dinosaurs and ducks but he suggested dragons and found two books with dragons in them so who was I to argue with him?

Rhiannon got to choose her subjects tonight as we did not get to school until late in the day and we already had our coop class this morning. She chose to read, do a grammar lesson, memorize a poem and do copywork. She worked on upper and lowercase D, writing first and middle names of all the family members and copywork of her last poem learned "The Caterpillar" by Christina Rosetti. She learned "work" by anonymous tonight and will need to work on it some more tommorrow. We covered nouns, proper names, first and middle and last names in grammar tonight. We also continued to work on our Bible verse Philippians 2:14.

Sirah and I read and she continued to work on her climbing skills and tried coloring with a marker today and drawing on the chalkboard. She was busy, busy, busy all day and the good side of that is she is starting to fall asleep earlier. I even got a nap in today as a wonderful and dear friend took Rhia this afternoon and Ciaran, Sirah and I all got to sleep for two blessed hours!


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  1. Love those afternoon naps!

    Sounds like you had a great day!