October 9, 2004

Rhiannon's Thoughts on Campaigning

Mom: Do you remember what a campaign is?
Rhia: "We do a lot of work for the president to try to get the president re-elected."

Mom: What sort of work did you do?
Rhia: "Well, I put up signs, went door knocking, gave out tickets, after a couple days of door knocking we made some more signs, that was today."

Mom: What was your favorite part of campaigning
Rhia: "Listening to the president speak. I was glad John Kerry didn't come"

Mom: What did you like about his speech?
Rhia: "I can't remember any words he said. My mind is too full. Hey I didn't tell you to write that down!"

Mom: Oops. What would you like me to write down?
Rhia: (can't stop giggling) "I liked when he said he would never let any of the bad people or bad guys hurt our country. I liked that. I liked when I tried to shake his hand and I liked when I ate ice cream."

Mom: What was the hardest part?
Rhia: "When I had to hold my "tinkies" while the president spoke." (I did NOT want to share this but she was insistent that I write it here).

Mom: What part of campaigning was enjoyable?
Rhia: Eating candy at headquarters. Putting up lawn signs.

Mom: Was any part of campaigning too hard?
Rhia: Giving out tickets because we had to do it so late in the night time - why couldn't we go door knocking during the day time.

Mom: What did you learn about campaigning?
Rhia: "Even though it is hard work to campaign and work for the president I think we should work to it with all our hearts."

Mom: Is there anything else you would like to say about campaigning?
Rhia: "It's hard work to get the president re-elected but everyone can do their part."

Mom: I'm proud of you for doing your part this week.

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  1. How amazing!

    Good for you for teaching your children the importance of this time in history!