October 1, 2004

Castles, Costumes and Cars

Today we had friends over for most of the day, a boy Ciaran's age and his older brother who is a few years older than Rhiannon. They played very well together, sometimes all together as a group and often in pairs. Rhiannon and the older boy spent nearly the whole day in costumes and a variety of creative imaginary play games. They exhausted our wide collection of dress up and toys and really seemed to use Lincoln Logs and a pot for nearly everything they did. They also created their own frisbee game by picking up a letter and then placing goals around the room that they had to try to land on for points and some they had to avoid or they would lose their points. They kept score with our abacus and I let it count towards our math work today.

Ciaran and his friend and I made castles, cabins and a corral from lincoln logs. We drove cars around and talked about different c items. We reviewed our C board together and talked about caterpillars and cars. We made chocolate chip cookies and they each got to scoop one on the cookie sheet and we had macaroni and cheese for lunch.

It was a fun day and we split schoolwork in the morning and late afternoon after our friends left. We did phonics and math this morning and copywork this afternoon and they did some things that count as math today in their play. Rhiannon also put on a musical concert for me late this afternoon. She was playing compositions from composers Vivaldi, Bach and Beethoven (atleast she said she did) she used Lincoln to be a violin, a drum, a flute and a piano. Then she danced several dances for me where she asked me to be the conductor and she danced to my direction. She made up words to go with her dances. She did a fish, a palm tree, a native american and a queen dance. She also did some geography finishing her continent book for her copywork.


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