September 30, 2004

MN Zoo and the Presidential Debates

We spent majority of the day at the zoo with our homeschool support group and had a nice day there. Ciaran's favorite animals were the fire-bellied toad and green tree frog (I am sure you are as surprised as I am) he also stopped to look at the pictures and photos of other frogs - letting me know which were poisonous.

Rhiannon's favorite were the tigers, especially the babies. She enjoyed seeing them and climbing through their cave. She also really enjoyed the wolves. They came right up to the glass this time. Sirah was very good and seemed to just enjoy being there - she did really well in the stroller (unusual for her) and even took a brief nap.

We had finished schoolwork in the morning before we headed out for the zoo. We got math, phonics, read alouds and copywork done in the morning. We listened to Charlotte's Web unabridged in the car on the ride. We talked about various animals and their habitats and such at the zoo and kept pointing out the C animals we saw (caribou, camel, cats (mir, tigers) and a few others. We actually saw majority of the zoo but missed the dolphin and bird shows which they often enjoy going to.

I took the three kids out to dinner at an Italian restaurant between the zoo and the presidential debates. As we do not have television (even network) we went to a friends house to watch the debates. I had Rhiannon watch part of the debates but as the focus was on Iraq, Terrorism and Foreign Policy a lot of it went over her head and we decided early on that she did not need to watch the whole thing.

Serona and I enjoyed watching it and the friends we watched with are active Democrats - Serona and I are active Republicans it was very civil and enjoyable. The debates were not likely to affect any of our votes but we enjoyed watching them all together.
You can read our live blog at Cyber::Ecology Serona's blog where I spout off from time to time as well.


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