September 6, 2004

First Official Day Back

Well I am going to label today our first official day back at "school". This morning Rhiannon and I worked on Miquon math, practicing writing numbers, handwriting practice (she wrote out her monthly schedule on her calendar), calendar skills (learning how to read and use the calendar and how many wed in month, what is the third Tuesday and so on), phonics drill, read-aloud and her reading to me. We also got together some of our supplies for tomorrow's start to our hs coop on countries.

Ciaran and I played dinosaurs and little people, we practiced writing letters on the chalkboard. He walked over drew a line and said that is "i" and then drew a circle and said "o" and then an A and said "a" - I almost feel over I did not know he knew those letters every time I ask him he is like I don't know. But I guess he does know some of them! Then we practiced some others until he lost interest. We played memory and matching. Then he used his color pegs to practice grouping by color and counting. We used a flip game to work on counting and number recognition and he played Reader Rabbit on the computer.

Sirah enjoyed playing with her big music block, playing dinosaurs and little people with us and erasing the chalkboard with her hand. She ate some books and took everything off the shelves I just finished reorganizing yesterday. She jumped on the trampoline and drove cars on the table. Serona learned to play a new song on his guitar and sang for us.

It has been a good day and that was just the morning. The kids are napping now and I believe a family walk and frog hunt are on the afternoon agenda.


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