September 24, 2004

Vacation Day Two

Spent the morning exploring downtown Indianapolis together as a family. We parked and went on our adventure. We spent most of the time in front of the capital building in a nice little green park they have with a walnut tree and other varieties of tress. The kids collected leaves, pinecones, seed pods in various stages, walnuts in various stages and other miscellaneous items. We read some of the monument plaques and pointed out and discussed the seals of Indiana and the State Capitol. Ciaran made people smile as he yelled at the squirrels to "come down" - he was very excited when one happened to "listen" to him and run down and away from him.

We walked along the canal and through a garden where the kids commented on the bees and butteflies that were pollinating and flying all around. When we passed the Indiana State Library both kids asked to go inside and that made me smile. Even Sirah walked around quite a bit. We visited the big fountain display in the courtyard of several hotels and the kids enjoyed walking along it and then making handprints, leafprints and writing their names with water.

Indianapolis is a beautiful city and there was a lot to see and it was all together. It was very clean and child friendly. There was much more we could have done but we could only stay a short while. It was very enjoyable and nice to find the teachable moments while we walked around.


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