September 3, 2004

School Buses and Pond Walks

Well the school buses have arrived this week. We took the opportunity to talk about some of the benefits of homeschooling and all the things we can still enjoy. We saw the bus pass by while just getting out of bed this morning and we enjoyed a slow morning and a pancake breakfast.

Then we headed out to explore a pond and wooded area nearby. We collected various leaves that had changed colors, watched frogs and birds. Saw a heron and caught ladybugs, millipedes and frogs. We played in an open grassy field and hid under the trees. We drew in our nature notebooks as the mood struck. We walked our neighborhood and played in our yard.

We took a two hour nap, read many favorite stories and some new ones. We played in the sprinkler and on the swings. We enjoyed this day of summer and enjoyed dinner outside on our deck. There were no tears, no separation just a continuation of the rhythm of our days. We enjoyed a beautiful family day.

There were squabbles, sibling moments, and occasional disobedience but overall it was a joy filled day and one I'm thankful we had. As the school buses pull up I have no regrets just confidence in our decisions and enjoyment of my family.


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