September 9, 2004

Daily Round-Up

We cancelled our field trip to the Art museum as most everyone in our hs group was sick. Instead the kids and I had a nice stay at home day (our first this week). We played in the yard and stayed in line with our A theme. We were astronauts and we took an air balloon from our house to the airport, and then an airplane from Minneapolis to Florida and then got in our spaceship and headed to the Moon. We walked around and examined the moon and hopped since there was less gravity. We went on the upside down moon hammock and Sirah played with a moon rover (little plastic car) and we collected some specimens to take home. We stopped by Neptune and landed our spacecraft in Africa before heading back to America. We were careful of the asteroids and kept out attitudes in check. It was a blast - literally! We probably spent over an hour doing this in our yard and on our playset - it was a hoot.

We also accomplished phonics, bible memorization, math (miquon - matching numerals and sets - drawing sets and drawing numerals) and handwriting this morning. In the afternoon Rhiannon spent quite a bit of time on StarFall and she really enjoyed it - she worked through many activites and games and read several books on there. She also did a few printouts from there as her handwriting work today. We had probably nearly two hours of read aloud time today and kept working through our A theme.


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