September 16, 2004

Apples, Airplanes and Action Figures

Finishing off A week and today we have had a good morning. We watched a documentary on airplanes - it was great film I highly recommend it and will look for more in the series. Then we read a DK Big Book of Airplanes and then they colored a picture of an airplane.

We are also focusing on apples today - reading the The Little Red House with the Star and making apple paintings (cut the apple in half for the story then use the halves to dip in paint and make apple art) and reading "10 Apples Up on Top" for phonics work today and we will go to an apple orchard today, learn about apple cider and make an apple pie tonight.

Another spur of the moment lesson plan came when Ciaran wanted to color in his star wars book - we decided to talk about action figures, color them and play with them. Well off to continue our day.


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