September 14, 2004

Daily Recap

Phonics first thing in the morning. We are working through Phonics Pathways and are just about done with 2 letter blends at the end of words. Her stories are getting longer and she can read four and five letter words without stopping to verbally sound them out. She is able to just read the words now and to follow along better. She is beginning basic narration and reading comprehension. She still resists phonics but it willing to do it and understands its importance and we just do it first to "get it out of the way" and move on to the things she enjoys more. We also find that moving around the house and doing it in a different spot each day seems to help - today was on my bed.

For handwriting she worked on a geography book from Enchanted Learning, which helps a child locate where they live from the planets right down to their street - covering plants, continents, countries, state and town. She colored each section and wrote where she lived. It was a good tie in of the geography skills we learned last month and some science and handwriting skills. She also enjoyed it and for once did not complain about coloring in the pages.

She also worked on another flag book from Enchanted Learning as a review of last weeks' American flag lessons. She finally got the Pledge of Allegiance memorized and is very excited by that fact. We discussed the symbolism and history of the flag.

While she worked on these books Ciaran worked on an Apple Book from EL as well. He colored in apples, learned what the trees look like during the different seasons and learned how to say apple in 9 different languages. He memorized some basic facts about apples and was able to answer some simple questions about apples - such as what colors they are, what season they are harvested in and how many seeds they have. He was actually enjoying himself and did a good job concentrating and working on the whole book. I was very proud of him.

We headed off to coop class for the rest of the morning. For a full recap visit the link. The kids enjoyed being with their friends and the projects we did. We treated ourselves to a lunch of bagels afterwards. Then naps and quiet time.

Rhiannon worked on Math this afternoon - a Miquon sheet working on drawing number lines with objects and before and after ordinals. She worked on ordinals 1st through fifth and practiced writing numerals 1-25. More work in her flag book and some reading time rounded out the day.

I've decided on coop days to just focus on the basic three (phonics, math and handwriting) and anything else we get in is a bonus. They actually do quite a bit of learning at coop and they just need some downtime and to accomplish other things as well that I am hesitant to push anything more.

Another good and busy day.


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