September 19, 2004

My Budding Artist

Well we were moving along great on Friday - having a stay at home day to catch up on school, reading and housework. Then Friday afternoon mayhem broke out. Ciaran decided he wanted his carpet red and poured a container of Red Tempera paint all over his bedroom floor! As if this was not enough - he must have stomped in the puddle he made and marched throughout the house including down the stairs and through several rooms of the house leaving red footprints everywhere he went all over the carpet.

That was the end of anything productive until Sunday afternoon - we spent all of Friday evening and all day and evening Saturday cleaning the carpets in our house. We borrowed a steam cleaner from a friend and spent the whole weekend cleaning every carpet in our house with the exception of our library and our main living room. We moved furniture and just did the whole thing. The house looks nice now atleast and as my father in law tells me "You will have such funny memories!"

I actually was able to keep my calm through it and Ciaran is doing just fine for those of you wondering. Serona made the comment "Well he is artistic and perhaps that is how Jackson Pollock got his start" of course this was before he came home to see the extent of the damage. Needless to say it has mostly all come out and we are moving on.

Hope your weekend was a bit more relaxing then ours.


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  1. LOL!

    Laughing WITH you, definitely WITH you. Glad he's ok- chock that one up for the "embarrassing stories to tell his wife one day" file. :-)