September 5, 2004

Sarah Mclachlan

Well Serona took me on a GREAT date. He wrote on our family calendar a few weeks ago "super secret suprise - do not schedule" and that was it. I found out on our way to the event that he was taking me to see Sarah Mclachlan in concert! What a wonderful surprise and I really was shocked. I had not been to a concert in many years - atleast 6 or 7 and almost 10 years since I've been to one that big (Pink Floyd) and I love her music.

She put on a great show and I loved her music selection. While she played nearly all (if not every one) from her new albulm Afterglow - she also played many old ones and several of my favorites from Fumbling Towards Ecstasy and even one from Touch (my favorite albulm. Her set was good and her voice is amazing. There were nearly 10,000 people there according to one review I read and she did not disappoint. She had a double encore (coming out the last song wearing a MN Wild shirt) and I left there with many memories floating through my mind.

Sarah's music was very meaningful to me especially in college and the early years of marriage. I have many many good memories and feelings associated with her music and her beautiful voice. Serona also enjoys her and I think we were both a bit surprised to see how mixed the demographic of the concert was. I think we were all assuming that it would be college aged women - but we were median age I would guess. There were many more men there than I expected and it was a much more middle aged crowd then I would have guessed. Just wanted to share the great moment.


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