September 29, 2004

C Day

Today we reviewed B week by emptying out our B box and taking down our B board and we began C week with reading My "C" Sound Box by Jane Belk Moncure and starting our C box. We had to stop collecting C items as the box filled up quickly with a wide assortment of items including: camel, caterpillar, chimpanzees, caribou, clownfish, chewbacca, cucumber, carrot (larry and laura from VT as well), cat in the hat, cats, crocodile, cups, cutting board, crayon, coin, car, conastoga wagon, child, circle, care bear and others. We also put together our C board for the week

Letter: C
Theme: cars
Color: Orange
Bible: Creation
Number: 2
Shape: Circle
Vocab Word: Computer

Rhiannon chose to get her work done early this morning doing math, phonics, copywork and read alouds early on so she was able to play outside from 10am until lunch - I think it inspired her to work more efficiently. I've been letting her test out working all at once and getting it done quickly or doing one subject then taking a break and so on. I think today she really saw the value of getting her work done early and all the benefits it provides.

For geography today we printed out a book aboutThe Seven Continents from Enchanted Learning. I agreed that she could just cut them out today and we would write them tomorrow for copywork. She also colored in a stained glass picture of camels and spent quiet time in the library looking at a Mary Cassat book.

The kids played on the computer for C week, watched a movie on the Grand Canyon and we made cookies and cleaned the house. We spent most of the time Sirah slept reading as she is starting to object to us reading when she wants to play.

I got some special playtime in with her - playing ball, puzzles and dancing. She will also come over with a book and sit on your lap and want you to read for a page or two until she loses patience. This morning she took Serona by the hand and led him down the stairs and then pulled out a book and went to sit on his lap to have him read to her - it was a very precious moment.


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