September 4, 2004

State Fair

Well I attended my first state fair ever (I think) and it was interesting. Serona assured me this was a good state fair and he has been to others I will take his word for it. I had been warned it would be overwhelming and hard to have kids at. I did not feel that way - the hardest part was dealing with the rides in the center which we had no intention of going on. After the kids accepted that we REALLY meant we were not going on the rides it got better.

Some highlights:
We rode in this giant glass elevator that spun around slowly and we could see the whole state fair and the skylines of both cities. I was hesitant but Serona was steadfast and I must admit I did enjoy myself and the kids of course loved it.

We went through a neat farm exhibit where the kids got to be farmhands (apron, basket and all)and do activities like gather feed and feed the animals (just display), collect eggs, wool and milk. Move haybales in mini tractors, plant and harvest vegetables and take everything to market. When finished they each got to pick a treat (both picked potato chips) and then did a seed germination experiment.

The kids ate sno-cones while Serona visited with some fellow bloggers from Minnesota at a get together, many there were from The Northern Alliance, a group of conservative political pundits with a radio show and several great blogs (including: James Lileks Bleat, PowerLine, Fraters Libertas, SCSU Scholars, Captain's Quarters, Spitbull and Shot in the Dark) If you have never read them - be sure to check them out and don't forget Serona's blog Cyber::Ecology. I was amazed at how well the kids did and we all had a great time.



  1. Now HOW did I miss this post last night? What a great time! You got to meet James Lilek? How cool. His Gallery of Regrettable Foods is one of my all-time favorite sites. LOL. It sounds like such fun, all around (once the midway rides issue was settled, that is- the boys go through the same thing when we hit the fair, too.)


  2. No Lileks was not there sad to say. Serona got to do most of the mingling with many of the people listed but not everyone was there. He had a good time meeting people.