September 13, 2004


We had an outstanding weekend camping. We went with four other families from our homeschool support group and the kids had a blast. We are 10 adults, 9 kids and three dogs and a lot of fun!

The kids just played together very well throughout the whole weekend - it was interesting to see how they would pair off in so many different ways and combinations and play a variety of games - they were also able to play together as a group very often for long periods of time.

There was a huge dead tree behind our campsites and they spent hours climbing and exploring that. They also were big on collecting frogs, toads and caterpillars. They would have races with them and they even caught a tree frog! At first we could not believe it - but they did and it was really neat - Ciaran caught it and was SO excited - he was running around showing everyone. It was bright green with the big sticky pads on his feet. There were many frogs caught and released over the weekend.

We went hiking, the dads and kids went fishing, we roasted marshmallows, made smores, ate together, laughed together, talked, relaxed, the guys played horseshoes and the couples and the kids played games. This was one of the more relaxing trips we have been on (this is the fourth of the season with this group) and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

The couples are all forming good friendships and you can see the level of comfort and familiarity increase. Everyone supports and helps one another out and even laughs and can be honest with each other. I love that about this group - I also enjoy that we are becoming friends as couples - instead of just as moms. Don't get me wrong I love the mom to mom support - but it is also nice to have common friends with Serona and for the families to all get along well.

At one point this weekend - three couples played Taboo well into the night (Serona and I included) and we played with "stakes" involved. I am unsure how it developed into this: the game became women versus men and the losers had to treat the winners to a night on the town with a limo ride. Dum de dum dum - the women won! It came down to the last round and it was a very close game (within 2 points) we were getting competitive and not always in a positive way - but in the end the women won. In the process we increased our bond as couples and learned more about each other.

The kids of course really enjoyed camping - though Sirah's sleeping was very messed up and she liked to run laps in the tent at night when we want to be asleep. The sun wakes you up at the crack of dawn and the fire encourages you to stay up into the wee hours of the morning. But it is a grand time and one of my favorite ways to pass a weekend.

I think camping is one of my favorite vacations (second only to spending time at a beachhouse) and it is one we can do often and one that is made more fun by sharing it with other families. Despite the ages of our children (or maybe as a result of) we have a great time!


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