September 7, 2004

Daily Recap

I actually was up and outside of the house this morning before 7am! I took one of our dogs for a walk around the neighborhood and it felt great to exercise and get out this morning, I think it has kept my mood up all day. I came home and after breakfast we got school rolling.

Rhiannon did handwriting practice A,a and a words. Then she did some Miquon math and we reviewed our bible verses for this week and last Joshua 1:9 and Proverbs 15:1. Then we had to head out for first day of coop - which was great!

We hit the library on the way home and I met a neighbor with a little girl Sirah's age. The kids enjoyed the games, Sirah enjoyed playing and I picked up some books for next week.

We headed home, Ciaran napped and Sirah and I played then Rhiannon did some more schoolwork. We worked on Grammar, Phonics, Reading, Reading Comprehension and Read Alouds. She did some dance and recited a poem. Ciaran and I set up his poster board for the week A, apple, the number 0, triangle and and anatomy (vocab word). We will wrap up today with putting together our Sound Box with letter A items.


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