September 14, 2004

US Culture Coop

Today was week two of our world country cooperative. Today we looked at the culture of the United States. The kids began by hearing definition of culture and some of the things that make up American culture such as the food we eat, the way we dress, where we live, what we do for arts and the like.

Then there was a discussion of the first Americans who lived here and what their culture was. A book was read that outlined some of the differences between the different tribes and how they lived. While the book was read the kids made a map of the US placing pictures of the different tribes in the area they originally lived in. They really seemed to enjoy this activity and it helped even the youngest to sit still and listen to a longer and more detailed book.

The subject then turned to money and they talked a bit about what we needed money for and what kind of money we had - they had some printouts and discussed some of the history of money and colored some pictures showing different types of money and barter available through history. They finished off this section by cleaning a dirty penny with a lemon and then had snack.

After snack they talked a bit about art and the different forms it can take. Then there was a real brief overview of the creator of mobiles and the kids did a craft project to make their own mobiles. This craft was challenging for the children to do and it was a bit frustrating as the pieces would not stay together. The kids seemed to enjoy it but it required a lot of adult help and it sometimes feel apart so I would not recommend it - though the kids were excited to be making it themselves.

All in all it was a good class and the kids seemed to all do pretty well and enjoy themselves. Next week is my class - hopefully it will go well.



  1. Did I miss it, or did you not mention what you're doing for your week? The coop sounds like fun!

    Been offline for a bit and just getting caught up, so I'll do it all here. The camping trip sounds absolutely incredible, and how great to have good friends like that. Zorak and I are really thankful to have found a few couples with whom we truly "click"- rather than just mom-friends or guy-friends or such. We had our Wonderful Neighbors over for a BBQ on Saturday to celebrate Jacob's birthday and she said, "We are SO glad you aren't weird." LOL- only a friend can say that, ya know.

    And I LOVE hearing about your adventures from the children's perspectives, in their words. I hope you'll share more of those with us- they are great. You have special children there.


  2. We (another mother and I) are responsible for government, history, famous people and animals of each country. So next week we are covering the United States. We met tonight to outline and make materials for our week and I am excited now. I think it will be fun and hopefully the kids will enjoy it - we are actually going to have them vote on several things.

    I agree that good couple friends are so important - I'm glad to hear that you have some as well - they are so good for the whole family. I can relate to your comment from your neighbor it is so nice to find people that can be that honest with you and still love one another!

    Thanks for commenting - I love reading what people think and feel. I am trying to encourage the kids to write more and as they get older I think it will be a part of their curriculum. Right now it is fun to do with them as I sometimes have to ask prodding questions but I do try to write their own words as much as possible - though sometimes I add clarifiers if it does not make sense without them. The kids seem to enjoy it about once a week but if I ask more than that they resist - I always say yes if they ask though and hopefully as they get more comfortable with it they will want to do it more.