September 30, 2004

Rhiannon's Narration

The Lion and the Mouse (her narration)

One day a lion was napping in his den that day a mouse accidentally ran over his tail. The lion roared in distress. The lion let the mouse go because the mouse was going to help him someday. Then one day weeks later two hunters tried to trap the lion, they put down a big net across two trees. The lion was hunting for food he stepped right into the trap, he got caught right in the trap. The more he pushed and pushed on the net on his back the more it wrapped around him. The lion at last could not get out so he laid back his mane and roared with distress. Roar. The mouse heard the roar from far away and as fast as she could came running she nibbled with her little teeth as she nibbled the net began to grow looser. Finally the lion was set free. A small one can help someone who is really big.

She did an excellent and very detailed narration of this fable. The exercise called for me to prompt her with questions and for a few sentences - instead I asked her to describe the story in her own words and I would just occasionally say "and then what" the above is her words - I did not add or encourage any of it. She was able to narrate the main parts of the story with some specific details as well. She even threw in some added details "Then one day weeks later two hunters tried to trap the lion, they put down a big net across two trees." I reread her the story and showed her that it was not in the story and she said that is how she imagined it and then I reminded her that when we narrated we just covered the story itself and she said
"I thought the story would be even better than the real story if I added some detail in it."

I was very proud of her she seems to have taken to narration and enjoys it. I believe I will need to work with her to summarize more as she likes to include lots of details and apparently add some that she thinks will make it better. But for her age I am very excited at how well she did. I will have her copy the moral for copywork today.


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