September 8, 2004

Productive Morning

I took a 2.5 mile walk with a neighbor, the kids rooms were clean, breakfast, bible story, phonics, read-alouds, grammar, math, handwriting, reciting poetry, learning the Pledge of Allegiance and our A soundbox activity were all done by 11am!

Today handwriting was practicing all the families proper names (tie in with grammar lesson), math was miquon (counting, numerals, one-to one correspondence and addition, read alouds focused on the USA (America) to continue our country theme and go along with A week, bible story is Adam and Eve and bible verses is Joshua 1:9 and Proverbs 15:1.

For America theme we recited the Pledge, learned and sang "This Land is Your Land", made a fun and easy Stars and Stripes craft (we took craft metal craft rings shaped in stars and cut red, white and blue ribbon and tied them to the star to make rings the kids can wave, shake and do creative dance with - they love them and they are cheap and easy), and read several books about America.

In our soundbox we collected items that started with A. Some examples include apple, alligator, airplane, action figure, ambulance, abacus, Angelina, Alice, Ariel, Arthur, apatasaurus, asparagus (junior), angel, Abraham, Adam, and an ape. We will take them out and review them throughout the week.

After lunch we went to a historical farm and then returned home to do some reading and work on "What We Love About America" collages. I had the kids cut up some old travel/picture books on the Appalachians, Atlantic seashore, and Alaska (going with our A theme) and then they glued them on to construction paper in a collage format - they enjoyed it so much that each got two pages and I think it would have gone on longer if it was not approaching dinner time.

Great and very busy day!

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