September 23, 2004

Daily Round-up

Focused on the basics as we had a busy day around the house getting ready for our trip. Rhia did some handwriting (bible verse), grammar (common and proper nouns, math (numberline, adding columns, patterns) and reading. The rest of her day was rounded out by the books we read.

Ciaran reviewed the items in his B box, reviewed the concepts on his weekly board:

Letter: B
Theme: Bears
Number: 1
Color Blue and Brown
Bible: Noahs Ark and Matthew 5:9
vocab word: brain

He practiced tracing the letter B and then we cut out items from magazines for his letter B collage - he found so many that after we finished putting them on our letter B he had an overflow sheet to keep in his binder. He played Little Bear on the computer going with his bear theme and we read several books.

The rest of the day entailed packing for our trip, cleaning, playing, watching movies and both Ciaran and Rhia napped (at different times of course). I am sad B week is getting truncated as it is a good week and there are several things I like to do. We may still do some next week like attend a baseball game, visit a bakery and take a bus ride.


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