October 29, 2004

Daily Round-up

Started off the morning with some Miquon math - finding all the addition combinations that add up to 7 and then to 9. Then I gave her a review sheet that I called a test (her first ever) she got them all right (though she did write her 7 backwards) - simple addition problems and I told her she could not use rods, abacus or other manipulatives.

While she worked on those Ciaran and I emptied and reviewed the items in his D sound box and on his D board. I did some letter recognition drills with him on A,B,C and D. I would ask what color letter A was and he would need to find it. I also had him bring me the matching letter from our floor mat. It was interesting he did fairly well if I asked what color a letter was but when I asked him which letter was blue he had a hard time. That was consistent - he could recognize the color of the letter but could not tell me the letter even when he knew the color it was. Not quite sure why. We also reviewed the number three. I had him group animals in 3's and count out three things to hand me. He did very good at this activity.

Sirah played quietly nearby. This morning she was enthralled with her Baby Einstein flash cards, her Neurosmith music blocks and climbing onto the train table. She also wanted to be in the middle of everything we were doing. She was fairly cooperative this morning.

Then we learned how to jump rope both individually and together. Rhiannon was able to get it after awhile but it was too hard for Ciaran. They did enjoy playing though and they enjoyed watching me jump rope to teach them. Rhiannon preferred when Ciaran and I turned the rope and she jumped in the middle - Ciaran preferred jumping by himself. Sirah just tried to stay out of the way.

Then we headed out to run some errands - we walked and rode bikes to get Rhiannon's hair salvaged - she has a cute bob now. We returned videos and got some new ones out (school house rock, wallace and gromit, and peter pan)and stopped at the grocery store to pick up some dinner for our bible study party tonight. We coupled exercise with enjoyment and getting some things done.

Home for lunch (leftover ziti) and then naps for Ciaran and Sirah. Rhiannon and I worked on school and made great time working through Phonics, Language Lesson, History, Spelling, and Poetry in about an hour. She also read a page in her Phonics Bible and worked on playing the slide whistle during her free time today.

Off to clean, make dinner and let the kids watch a video before we head out to Bible Study for the evening.


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