October 25, 2004

Rhiannon's Thank You Letter

Today for school Rhiannon asked to write a letter to President Bush. I did not ask her or encourage her to but that is what she wanted to do for copywork. In addition to being her copywork for the day she gets some points towards her Homeschoolers for Bush unit study. Here is the letter she wrote out - she dictated it to me and I wrote it word for word and then she copied it on her handwriting paper with manuscript letters. Here is the text of the letter she wrote:

Dear President Bush,
Thank you for all the hard work you've done. When I grow up I will try to be president someday. I am 5 years old now but I hope to grow fast. When I'm 10 I'm going to practice. I've got great ideas to make America great. I think you are the greatest president of all. I campaigned for you. You gave a great speech when you came to my state. I hope you are president for 4 more years.
Love, Rhiannon

We addressed the letter and will mail it tommorrow. She was happy with her work and while she was writing it she said to me "Mom, there is no half-stepping when I am writing to the president, right? I will do my best." She really did a nice job considering how long it was for her to write - it took her 5 pages of her lined paper!