October 6, 2004

ClassRoom Care Service Project

This is a wonderful and easy service project that homeschoolers can do. We work with our hs support group and keep track of our groups donations and Scholastic agreed to match EVERY 100 not just the first, perhaps they did not realize quite how much we homeschoolers were reading. Last year our group donated several hundred books I believe it was around 800. Our family contributed nearly 200 of those books.

For those unfamiliar with the program you keep track of the books your kids read and the ones you read aloud to them and for every 100 books read scholastic will donate 100 books to schools, charities and kids in need. It is a fabulous and easy program and it is meaningful and worthwhile. For more information please visit ClassRoom Care.

So far our tally in our family is up to 217 books since the beginning of the schoolyear. We have until to December.


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  1. Wow, what a great project! I am homeschooling my son, and we were just talking about this today. He had seen a child on the news, and my son mentioned that the child was "poor". I asked him, "What is poor?" and he thought for a moment...

    "I think it means they don't have any books".

    He was wondering how we could give books to poor children, so this is very timely!

    I'm also looking at your "Bush Lessons" so this is very nice to find on the net... thank you for posting all this.

    -Becki (aka The Kerry Fairy)