October 26, 2004

Monopoly Math

Rhiannon and I played Jr Monopoly (princess version) for math lesson today. She loved it and of course I did not call it math while we played (Ciaran and Sirah were sleeping if you are wondering) when we were done I just told her she had completed her math for the day as we had worked on money, addition, subtraction, counting and a few other skills. She was very excited to hear that. She read two pages from Phonics Pathways and one page from her Growing Reader Phonics Bible.

As a reward we made her a word wand. Very simple and she loves it. We took a popsicle stick and wrapped double sided tape around the top - two pieces wide down from the top of the stick. Then we cut out a piece of colored paper (she picked blue) and cut it to fit from the bottom of the tape to the top of the stick when folded over so it covered the tape. Then I added two more pieces of double sided tape to the inside flaps of the folded over paper. Now she has a word wand (to underline individual words as she reads them or cover up the ends of longer words as she sounds them out) that doubles nicely as a bookmark. She was so excited and it was easy and cheap!

We covered science and social studies work at coop today and for music she made a brief videoclip of herself singing "I love you Forever" from the Robert Munsch book which she sent via email to Serona at work and another clip along with Ciaran of "Happy Birthday" which headed off to Grandpa for his day!


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