November 10, 2004


The other night Rhiannon announced at bedtime that she needed to tell me something. She let me know that she has a "condition" that is a "problem". I asked what it was and this is what followed:

"I have agrativity"
Mom: What is agrativity?
Rhia: a problem when gravity goes to my brain and prevents me from falling asleep before midnight. The only thing that helps it is sleeping next to a real live person because they balance the gravity and I can fall asleep."

I am NOT making this up! Who could? I could not help but smile and laugh inwardly while trying to keep a straight face because she really felt it was serious. To me of course I am just thinking - what a creative explanation for why you are giving us so much difficulty falling asleep!

I suppose this is one of the effects of raising precocious kids! I just had to share!


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