November 30, 2004

November Reading List

Elephants for Kids - Fredericks, Anthony
Winnie the Pooh's Valentine - Talkington, Bruce
Horton Hatches teh Egg - Dr Suess
Eulalie and the Hopping Head - Small, David
Friends are Sweet - Liberts, JenniferCold Little Duck, Duck, Duck - Peters, Lisa
What a Week: The Sound of Long E - Klingel, Cynthia
Olivia - Falconer, Ian
Dinosaur Eggs - Dussling, Jennifer
My "e" Sound Box - Moncure, Jane Belk
Good Enough to Eat - Rockwell, LIzzy

Easter - Gibons, Gail
Digging Up Dinosaurs - Aliki
Picture book of Thomas Alva Edison - Adler, David
Quilt Story, The - Johnston, Tony
Waiting for the Evening Star - Wells, Rosemary
When the Elephant Walks - Kasza, Keiko
Babar's ABC - De Brunhoff, Laurent
Big Daddy Frog Wrestler - Boelts, Maribeth
Frankline Plays Hockey - Jennings, Sharon
Marsh Music - Berkes, Marianne

Who Built the Pyramids - Hooper, Meredith
Ancient Egypt - Usbornes (used as resource)
Spectacular Egypt - El-Dakhakhny, Mohamed (all photos and captions)
My Thank You Bible - Henley, Karyn
Egypt - Landau, Elaine
Bible ABC - Metaxas, Eric
For Every Child - Unicef
Emmet's Pig - Stolz, Mary
Edward and the Pirates - McPhail, David
Angelina's Birthday - Holabird, Katherine

Costume Ball, The - Holabird, Katherine
Grandpa Toad's Secrets - Kasza, Keiko
If You Hopped Like a Frog - Schwartz, David
Dear Children of the Earth - Schimmel, Schim (edited as read)
Think of an Eel - Wallace, Karen
It Could Still Be Endangered - Fowler, Allan
Everywhere Babies - Meyers, Susan
Bright Eyes, Brown Skin - Hudson, Cheryl Willis
Rechenka's Eggs - Polacco, Patricia
Elm Tree and Three Sisters, An - Sommerdorf, Norma

Eva's Summer Vacation: A Story of the Czech Republic - Machalek, Jan
Frogs and Toads and Tadpoles too - Fowler, Allan
Tadpoles, The: Vietnamese Reader - Noc, Bay Nong
Magical Ballet Slippers, The - Edwards, Nick
Frog Where Are You - Mayer, Mercer
Frog on His Own - Mayer, Mercer
Crayon Bo that Talked, The - DeRolf Shane
Frog - Cooper, Susan
Great Frog Race and other poems - George, Kristine O'Connell
Hop Jump - Walsh, Ellen Stoll

It's a frog's Life: My Story of Life in a Pond - Parker, Steve
Frog Prince, A - Berenzy, Alix
Amelia Bedialia - Parish, Peggy
All About Frogs - Arnosky, Jim
Frogs - Driscoll, Laura
Frogs, Toads, Lizards and Salamanders - Parker, Nancy Wilson
Froggy Goes to Bed - Londond, Johnathen
Flashy Fantastic Rain Forest Frogs - Patent, Dorothy
Grandpa Toad's Secrets - Kasza, Keiko
Curious George Takes a Job - rey, H.a.

Snappy Little Dinosaurs - Steer, Dugald
Biggest Frog in Australia, The - Roth, Susan
Tuesday - Weisner, David
Frog, Toads and Turtle - Burns, Diane
Story about Ping,The - Flack,Marjorie
Frog House The - Maylor,Mark
Frog Princess, The(adaptation) -Lewis, J Patrick
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? Yolen, Jane
Frog's Best Friend - Bauer, Marion
From Tadpole to Frog - Stewart, David

Fast Freddie Frog and other Tongue-Twister Rhymes - Rees, Ennis
Wood Frog's Life, A - Himmelmann, John
Bird, the Frog and the Light, The - Avi
Wish for Dinosaur, A - Moncure, Jane Belk
Frogs Sing Songs - Winer, Yvonne
Arthur's Family Vacation - Brown, Marc
Magic School Bus and the Electric Field, The - Cole, Joanna
My F Sound Box - Moncure, Jane Belk
Moon Frog - Edwards, Richard
Felix and the Frogs - Buller, Jon (not recommended)

Frog's Best Friend - Bauer, Marion
Amazing Frogs and Toads - Clarke, Barry
Tadpoles - Pascoe, Elaine
Frog's Body, A - Cole, Joanna
Frog Alphabet, The - Pallotta, Jerry
Frog's Sing Songs - Winer, Yvonne
Giraffe that Walked to Paris, The - Milton, Nancy
Giraffes - Nature Books
Stop Train Stop: A thomas the Tank engine Story - Awdry, REV W (based on)
Golden Egg Book, The - Brown, Margaret Wise

Girl and the Elephant, The - Cock, Nicole de
Grandma Elephant's in Charge - Jenkins, Martin
Love You Forever - Munch, Robert
One Gaping Wide-Mouthed Hopping Frog - Tryon, Leslie
Golden Flower, The: A Taino Myth from Puerto Rico - Jaffe, Nina
Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Aylesworth, Jim (retold by)
Gingerbread Man, The - Galdone, Paul
Sun Girl and the Moon Boy, The: A Korean Folk Tale - Choi, Yangsook (retold by)
Golden Sandal, The: A Middle Eastern Cinderella Story - Hickox, Rebecca
My Goose Betsy - Braun, Trudi

Three Billy Goats Gruff, The - Carpenter, Stephen (illustrated)
Cecily G. and the 9 monkeys - Rey, HA

Rhiannon's Reads

Todd's Box - Sullivan, Paula
Go Dog Go - Eastman, PD
Little Bear's Visit - Minarik, Else Homelund
Tiny the Snow Dog - Meister, Carl
One fish, two fish red fish blue fish - Dr Suess
Enormous Turnip, The - Tolstoy, Alexie
Put me in the Zoo - Dr Suess
Easter Words - Moncure, Jane Belk
Just a Mess - Mayer, Mercer
I am an Explorer - Moses, Amy

Show and Tell Frog, The - Oppenheim, Joanne
Days with Frog and Toad - Lobel, Arnold
Frog and Toad Together - Lobel, Arnold
When I Was Little: A Four Year Old's Memoir of Her Youth - Curtis, Jaie Lee
Green Eggs and Ham - Dr Suess
I am Not Going to Get Up Today - Dr Suess
Fox in Socks - Dr Suess
If You Give a Pig a Pancake - Numeroff, Laura
Today I Feel Silly and other Moods that make my day - Curtis, Jamie Lee
Ten Little Ladybugs - Gerth, Melanie

There's a Wocket in My Pocket - Dr Suess

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