November 28, 2004

Weekend of Work

We spent the weekend finishing a variety of house projects we had underway. We finally put up both sets of bunk beds and for the first time in five and a half years we don't have a child sleeping in our bed! Of course now we just take turns sleeping in Sirah's bed but it is progress. Of course putting up the beds required painting the rooms which required finally switching the wallpaper and then moving everyone's stuff from one room to another. A dear friend had helped us remove the border and paint. Actually she pretty much painted everything for us while we watched the kids.

Rhiannon and Sirah now have a yellow and purple room, yellow on bottom, a white wood picture rail and lavender on top. Grandma in New York made them purple gingham curtains and a bedspread that is gingham on one side and purple on the other. They got the wood bunkbeds and our extra wood bookshelf. Their room is very pretty and they fit nicely together in it.

Can you guess how we decorated Ciaran's room? Frogs of course. We actually painted his wall green, like the color of frogs or grass green, the bottom half atleast then there is a middle strip which is royal blue and white mixed to look like water and then a sky blue around the top. All along the water we put up velcro pieces and velcroed painted wooden frogs (Serona and I bought frog wood cutouts at Michaels and then spent an entire night painting frogs and lily pads in different shades of green and adding googly eyes and velcro) to the wall. He can and does take them down and play with them and then velcro them back up to the wall before bed. He loves it and I must say it did turn out very cute.

We also managed to finally get window treatments up throughout the house. We have been here a year and there were still a few rooms that did not have window treatments. Now they do, hooray! We rearranged the family/school room so that it is more of two separate rooms than one big room and it feels much nicer this way. Serona was able to finish refinishing a nice entertainment center that we freecycled. It is a nice unit that has wood doors to cover the TV and drawers and cabinets to store our media equipment, DVD's and Serona's videogames.

All in all we had a very productive weekend and we were able to get a lot accomplished yet still have a good time as a family. We took time to make and have scones together while watching a family movie, we made a big brunch together and we took time just to play or read or be together. We involved the kids in all the activities we were doing (except painting) and had a good time. At the end of the weekend we really felt like we had accomplished a lot to make our home a nicer place for us to be in. Then we enjoyed spending time in it together as we enjoyed the long weekend together.


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  1. Oh, we had an entertainment center like that! I loved being able to completely shut out the television. It gave a totally different feel to the living room and made it natural to bring the focus to the center of the room for easy conversation.

    The rooms sound GREAT! I'll bet the kids are thrilled with the new looks!