February 6, 2006

100% Party

Rhiannon has had a rough few weeks. Starting right after Christmas with yet another tonsillitis, then the stomach flu, a cold, her tonsillectomy, a viral infection, dehydration and finally pneumonia. She has not been able to play with friends or do much of anything. So as she started to recover she asked if she could have a little party when she was well.

So today she had that party, which she took to calling her 100% better party. We invited some families from our homeschool support group. She picked all the families and we ended up with a total of 19 kids in the house, majority of the moms stayed as well so we had some social time and the kids played together.

When they left you would hardly know they were here. My house was basically clean with very little for me left to do. These kids were all good about helping clean up and taking care of things as they went along. They played in 6 different rooms of my house, played with 10 different board games and numerous toys and everything is put away. The got along despite age and gender differences and there were very few squabbles or difficulties. We went through 4 dozen cupcakes, a pan of rice krispy treats and other goodies.

It was a fun time and exactly what Rhiannon was hoping for. Many of the girls brought their 18 inch dolls, several of the American girls were represented and at one point my family room couch was completely covered with dolls watching the girls play a game. The boys were very into our star wars stuff and there were multiple lightsaber duels going on. One mom said our house is known as the "star wars house" by her son.

I love opening our home to families. I love seeing the kids do so well and having some time to socialize. Especially with this group of women, who are also homeschoolers with similar values and goals for their families. While we have our differences to be sure we are all accepting of each other and loving and open to each other. I learn so much from them and am thankful my children are spending time with their children.

So the 100% party was a hit. She is doing much better. Thank all of you who have prayed for her.



  1. Glad she's doing better! I love your blog...lots of way cool information!

  2. Now THAT sounds like the kind of party I like. Especially the kids cleaning up after themselves part.