February 19, 2006

Enjoyable Weekend

We have had an enjoyable weekend, with ups and downs. Friday was very busy. We had our coop in the morning. The kids had a great time and came home talking about all the fun they had. The classes I taught went well and all of us really enjoyed ourselves.

Rhiannon headed to a birthday party for one of her little friends and the kids and I came home and played and read together. Ciaran wanted a little boy to come over but we did not find one for that day on such short notice. Instead he spent time with me and Sirah.

That evening I went out to a craft night at a friends house and the kids played with their babysitter. Board games, reading books and watching the olympics. As for me I had a very nice evening filled with coversation, good friends and a little bit of knitting. Again I left feeling my tank filled up from the fellowship of my Christian sisters.

At the end of the evening I felt a migraine coming on, by the time I arrived home it was full blown, pain, naseau, dizziness and feeling like I might faint. I took some meds, climbed into bed put all the lights and sounds out that I could and tried to fall asleep. I did and praise God when I woke up the next morning my headache was gone!

Yesterday the kids and I took it easy through the day. We had a late start to the morning and did some reading and they played in their imaginary world while I finished up the taxes. Ciaran and I played a board game while Rhiannon read and played with her dolls. We watched Ella Enchanted as a family. Rhiannon has been wanting to watch it and I would not let her until she read the book first - she diligently read it this week and then waited patiently for us to rent the film. It was fun to watch it with all of them. Rhiannon is our sensitive soul and at one point when the main charachter is hanging over a pot waiting to cook you could feel the tension I looked over at her and she said "It's ok mom I know how it is going to end" I think having read the book first really helped her be prepared for and to discuss things from the movie.

We cleaned some and the kids took quiet time. That evening I had another babysitter come so I could run errands that are easier done without three children in tow. Especially on a day when the temperatures stayed on the wrong side of zero! I ran in and out of four stores getting exciting things like dogfood, door hardware and my haircut. But it was wonderful to be able to do all those things alone. I headed over for dinner at Panera because I could get soup, salad and a wireless internet connection. I checked out the craft store and took time to read through the books and walk slowly down the aisles that I usually have to run through. I was home before 10 and caught the end of the evening olympics and then put in a movie to fold laundry to. I fell asleep somewhere near 1am.

I woke up around 2am to find two other warm bodies laying in bed with me (Ciaran and Sirah) and again at 3:30 to crying from Rhiannon. She had a bad dream and woke up in pain. We spent the next two hours alternating between the bathroom and her sister bed (lower bunk) as she could not decide if she needed to be sick or was just uncomfortable. Having had less than three hours of sleep I was fading in and out of our conversations. She finally threw up at around 5am and right as she was ready to sleep the other two woke up, in their minds for the day. It was a long night and morning to say the least.

Rhiannon seems to be doing better and everyone is in good spirits. We watched the olympic US hockey game today and played some pac man. Made lunch, played with clay, dress up and cars. No signs of illness in anyone else.

This evening we will watch the ice dancing as they enjoy that and have a family dinner. We are also going to play Disney's Magic Kingdom board game. Then jump back into our schoolweek starting tommorow.



  1. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I read Ella Enchanted together with my two daughters before watching the movie. We loved the book! One of my favourite things about it was that the author painted Ella as a strong independent heroine who rescues the prince and saves the day. That's probably the reason we were so disappointed with the movie. It departed so far from the original storyline that even my youngest daughter, who was 4 1/2 at the time, commented that she thought Ella was "wimpy" in the movie. Perhaps if we hadn't read the book first we might have enjoyed the movie more.

  2. So I'm not the only "mean" Mommy who makes her kids read a book before they see the movie! I learned this lesson the hard way. I've yet to convince my daughter to read "Charlotte's Web" or "Stuart Little" cause she's already seen the movies. I wouldn't budge on the Sarah, Plain and Tall books, and made her read them first. After she finished all three, we checked the movies out from our library. When we finished, Natalie said, "You were right, the books were better." But she still won't read "Charlotte's Web"!