February 25, 2006

Love the 2 year old mind

Some recent favorite things said by Sirah, age 2 and a half:

"Why don't we know stuff?" - A very serious question as she wondered why she didn't know it all.

"Why do I poop every day?"

In response to telling her we were going to the airport to pick up daddy -
"Good I would take my big plane and fly up to see my fairies."

"The lions are going to come and eat my toes" - her reason for why she needs to sleep in my bed.

"When I grow up and have my nonnies then I can nurse you mommy"

and my personal favorite recently:

When I tell her she is done nursing, her response:
"Wait I need to get my germs back"
She then takes another sip to reclaim and take away her germs. Creativity to get her way at its best.

You just have to love the simplicity and complexity of the way a 2 year old thinks and expresses herself. It is fun every day, even with the temper tantrums.


1 comment:

  1. That's so funny! My 3 yo daughter has also told me that when she grows up and becomes a mama then I can drink her mama milk, since I never get to have any now. LOL! :)