February 25, 2006

Welcome Home Serona

We welcome Serona back home after he spent the past two weeks in downtown London. A good friend sent me this card while he was away. On the front is the picture of a son answering the door and the caption reads:

"Welcome home dad. Mom's in the closet crying, the toilet overflowed and the dog threw up on the carpet."

Inside it reads "Hang in there, things will get better soon." She wrote me an encouraging note inside as well.

While I was not in the closet when he came home the toilet did break and the dog did poop all over the carpet several times! Good to keep my sense of humor during this long week trips.

Off for some family reunion time,


  1. Wow, your site is great. I love all the lesson plans! I'll be back, for sure.


  2. Great Blog! Thanks for all the wonderful links too, my son was especially appreciative of the Star Wars printouts. We're new homeschoolers and our style and method is really quite similiar to yours..here's my blog (although fair warning that it's really quite pitiful in comparison to yours..):


    Thanks again for your great site, I'm sure I'll be back soon to pilfer more of your fantastic ideas!