February 19, 2006

Chronicles of Narnia Class Project

This is a project designed for a class of students ranging in age from 9-12. It could easily made longer and more stringent for an older range of students. I also asked students to have their topic to me by the next class period (for us classes are every other week) and offered a due date for an optional outline or rough draft if they wanted my feedback. My formatting is off but you get the main ideas.


Project Description
Each student may either write a 1-3 page paper defining and discussing a literary concept or term and illustrating how the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis demonstrates the concept chosen.

OR student may opt to present this same information in another way than written paper format. For example a student may create a drawing, scrapbook page, well done poster, or give a short presentation, skit, speech or other creative presentation of the literary term and how Narnia demonstrates this concept.

Project Guidelines

1. Please limit your discussion of the Chronicles to only The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. While other books of Lewis’ may apply what you are to focus on is how this book in particular demonstrates the concept you are discussing.

2. You may either type or handwrite your essay. Please write clearly if handwriting. Please use double line spacing if printing.

3. Your topic description can be a single sentence

4. Length is not as important in this project, demonstrating your point and understanding is the focus, however concisely you can do that.

5. A sample format for a paper might include:
a. An introduction which includes the main point you are trying to show.
b. A paragraph or two defining and explaining the literary concept of your choice.
c. A few paragraphs demonstrating how the book shows this concept.
d. A conclusion summarizing both of your main points and tying it back together to your original point from your introduction.

6. A sample project might include:
a. A part that shows the literary concept (for example pictures and definitions of mythological creatures)
b. A part that shows Narnia demonstrating this concept (for example drawings of mythology creatures from Narnia)
c. Unity between the two concepts so the creation is a unified whole.

6. I am available if you have questions or concern via email or telephone.

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