February 22, 2006

Going the Extra Mile

Every once in awhile one of my kids takes me by complete surprise. Today it was Rhiannon, my 6 year old sensitive daughter. She decided she was going to be very helpful with cleaning and chores today, truthfully not her strongest suit. She volunteered to clean the bathroom and at one point came out to where I was working and said "I think I went the extra mile". Thinking she meant by volunteering to clean the bathroom I agreed with her and thanked her. She said no mom I cleaned the toilet! I must admit I was surprised, I thanked her again and said how much it meant to me and then she went back into the bathroom and cleaned out the tub and wiped it down.

Those moments are very precious to me. To see how she chose to do something difficult and not enjoyable to her to serve me and show me love. It was a blessing and helped me regain some perspective and thankfulness. Also a reminder to me to go the extra mile for my own children.


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