February 19, 2006

Mama Do You Love Me Lesson Plan

This is a lesson which pulls together resources and ideas I have found throughout the web. I also printed out several sheets for the kids to use for coloring or identifying animals. One was a map of Alaska, another had pictures and descriptions for many of the animals in the book. I also printed out a letter M coloring sheet and a little inuit girl playing coloring sheet.

Themes – Mama Do You Love Me by Barbara M Joose

1. Letter and sound of M
2. Alaskan Animals
3. Alaska state
4. Parents love – loves us despite our failures
5. God’s love – loves us and forgives us no matter what

Start with letter M – have kids draw letter M

Ask kids to predict about the story

Read the story

Have kids rub their tummy when they hear the sound M

Play I spy with pictures on the page

M and M’s and the sound of M

Hand out animal sheets ---
Ask them if they have ever seen a musk Ox?
Ask them if they have ever seen a moose?
What kind of animals did the book also talk about?
Ermine and whales and some others. Does anyone remember what mukluks were?
They are the boots that Eskimos use
What type of Eskimo is talked about in the book?? Inuit’s.
What do you know about Eskimos – where do they live, how do they dress
Coloring sheet of Inuit

Where is Alaska? Is it a part of the United States?
Alaska is: 5 times larger than New Mexico.
2 times larger than Texas.
586,412 square miles and has 40,544 miles of shoreline (that’s 40% of the total shoreline in the United States).

Parents love us even when we make mistakes
Ask them if their mom or dad has ever gotten mad at them for anything?
But do their parents still love them? YES!!
Was the little girl good or bad?
What did you learn about how you can be?

God loves us even when we make mistakes even big ones
God forgives us and always loves us even if we make him angry
We can ask Jesus to forgive us and ask him into our hearts.

If time allows – play a game imitating animals of the book. We actually spent a good amount of time acting out the different animals - the puffin was a favorite as it does three actions (fly, swim and dig). We did this in our classroom around our little table and we did it our in the hallways.

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