February 12, 2006

My romantic husband

Serona wrote me a song this week. It is always a special treat when he plays guitar as time rarely permits it. An extra special treat when he writes a beautiful song about our lives. This was a fun song about where we are now, where we have been in the past and our music. I am so thankful I married a musician. I have no musical talent but boatloads of musical appreciation. I am blessed with a talented husband who enjoys using his gifts!

We even had a date night this week. The best part, I had to plan nothing and was surprised by it. Serona arranged a sitter and our evening. That was the best part to me, I did not worry about any details or have to make anything work out. We ordered pizza for the kids and headed out while one of his good friends came over to watch the kids with his little daughter and his wife came and met us later. For once time was not a big deal, nice.

We went to one of my favorite restuarants in the Twin Cities, a little place near uptown called French Meadows. Here is a sample menu. They have many great vegetarian and organic options. We used to live much closer to them and would go more often but it was nice to go again. We shared a great bottle of wine, a good vegetarian meal, and great conversations.

After dinner we drove around and talked for awhile and ended up at a place we could shoot pool, drink beer and we even bowled. It was a great time and evening of reconnecting with each other. We finally rolled in around 1am, our friends just spent the night.

All you husbands - plan a complete evening for your wife - it a blessing of a gift.

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  1. That's so nice! I'm very happy for you.