February 18, 2006

Well It is Minnesota ...

Our local news:

"Two and a half months of wimpiness was rudely elbowed aside on February 17 as a bonafide Minnesota winter day wrapped itself around a shivering state. Temperatures were below zero all day, with a biting wind chill nearing the 30 below mark.

It's no secret that wind chills in the -30 range can cause frostbite in just a few minutes. What people may not know, is that when the body's core temperature dips into hypothermia range, humans lose their faculties. "Below 90 Fahrenheit, that's when shivering starts to subside, people's energy drops off, people start to get tired, their judgment is impaired, and that's when people don't do well if they don't seek attention at that point," says Dr. Alex Doerffler, a Fairview Southdale Hospital Emergency Physician.

So dress in layers, limit your time outside, and avoid alcohol when participating in outdoor activities, because alcohol acts a dehydrator.

This reminder that we really do live in Minnesota will be brief. Warmer temps return by mid-week."

Taken from Kare 11 News.


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