September 14, 2005

Biking to the Library

Today for our afternoon activity we took a bike ride to our library. We left with a bag full of books to return and I was hopeful my way home would be lighter - I was of course incorrect and somehow the book magically filled itself with more heavier books for the ride home!

The blessing is I now only have one child in the trailer and Ciaran learned to ride his two wheeler and can go good distances on it without getting tired as long as we go at a slower speed. Sirah has no one to fight with in the trailer for space so it is a more peaceful and lighter trailer I pull. Though the books may be similar in weight to an additional child.

Rhiannon finished Staurt Little this week and made her reading sheet - she chose to draw and color Margalo and Stuart together. She chose the Trumpet of the Swan as her next big chapter book read for assigned reading. She of course still is reading a wide variety of other books in her free time.

We put together her nature notebook since the summer and it is neat to see the progress in her drawing. It will be nice to look at it at the end of the year and see the improvement and progression of her skills.

We've also set up the binders for all the subjects - they look so big and empty but I know they will fill up much sooner than I think.

Ciaran had a big acheivement today - he put together our big floor ABC puzzle - each letter in order all by himself! When he got stuck he used an ABC chart that was hanging on the wall and found the letter that matched. I was very proud of him as this is a bit of a stretch for him. His reward was a big sheet of froggy stickers.

All in all a good day.

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