September 28, 2005

Clap if You Believe...

To read books with children for their first time is such a treasure. To cry with them when Charlotte dies, to laugh at the bumbles of Winnie the Pooh (original AA Milne), to share the story of Aslan's sacrafice, to live like Laura and Mary, and of course to believe in fairies.

One of my favorite moments in a book to read with kids is when you help save Tinker Bell from dying in Peter Pan. We have been working through Peter Pan at nap time and just yesterday we all clapped and clapped to help save Tink. The kids eyes light up and you just see how into the story they are when they jump up to clap.

There are so many moments like that to treasure when we read our old favorites to our children. When we share these moments together - those are true blessings. Get out an old favorite, dust it off and climb onto the couch or bed or nearest pillow pile and read with your kids and share some of your favorite moments and make them family moments.


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  1. We are having such a hard time with Peter Pan! It's the first older children's book we've tried, and the girls just struggle so much to understand what it's trying to say. So much of the tongue-in-cheek about Mr. Darling's business practice and household accounting, etc. goes so far over their heads, they are just lost! I think we'll try again, but sometimes I feel like I'm beating my head against the wall trying to get them to listen!