September 27, 2005

Making It Their Own

While Rhiannon has no choice about being schooled this year, the younger two don't really need to do anything. However, they want to and they keep me busy. Sirah, who just turned two is insistent that she do "schoolwork" too. She wanted a special binder of her own and is always trying to do whatever we do in her own way.

This morning I was working on letter collage's with Ciaran. We bought these wonderful precut letters that we use for collages. I keep a box of old magazines and we flip through them looking for words that start with the letter.

Today for the letter L we found pictures of letters, leopard, lynx, lever, leg, legos and lamp. While Ciaran and I were on the floor going through the magazines and Rhiannon was at her desk working on her math (multiplication with manipulatives) Sirah was insistent that she do some too. So she sat on the floor with us and used safety scissors to cut out pictures too and she put stickers on paper and drew and then she glued down precut shapes onto construction paper sop she could glue too. She now has her own binder to collect her works of art in. It was very important to her that it be put in a place that "ciaran not reach it!"

When Serona comes home and asks them about their day they all talk about their work. I am not making a 2 and 4 year old do school work, they want to do stuff so I try to find projects they can do. It helps me get stuff done with Rhiannon as well. Off to find more projects for them now.


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